Shorts - Bojan-Haron Markičević


Making of Start magazine cover editorial.

Model: Stefani Šober

Buried Clothes / Vintage Fashion

Director and Editor: Irena Fabri

DOP: Bojan Markičević Haron

Model: Sendy O Ganga

Styling: Ana Cho

Music: Strahinja Beganovic

NT Wave & Fen / Live Music Video Teaser

NT Wave & Fen / Live Music Video

Music video recorded in ONE TAKE with 3 cameras. This was actually first take!

Guitar: Valent Samadržija

Vocal: Dora Fodor

Video, editing and color: Bojan - Haron Markičević


On sunny afternoon everybody was looking something on the sky.

Movie festival:

Official selection 25. Dani hrvatskog filma

Ponovo kod mojih

Bukovica Festival 2015 aftermovie



Experimental Video

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