About me

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Hello, I'm Bojan,

and I’m currently living in Zagreb, Croatia. I have more than 15 years of experience in various creative fields - from creating ideas, development to production. Most of those 15 years I have been working as an Art director or a Graphic designer in various magazines, studios or agencies. To name a few - Playboy, Loaded, Autoklub, Leo Burnett… During all that time I have been developing my passion for photography. I was thrilled with the idea of how light captured on the film remained as an eternal testament of the past, but at the same time documenting the past is one of the rare moments when I am focused on the present. Documenting the past became my present, and my present became my future.

And here I am now! Freelance photographer and videographer, specialised in documentary and outdoor photography.


Interview for H-Alter

Collaboration on Inkubator

Video and photography published in The Guradian for Guinness World Record hot air balloon flight

Cover for Croatian cultural magazine Zarez

Collaboration with &M Dance Company

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